We are please to introduce our professional and experienced staff.
We believe that our staff is our real company



picture Chairman

Mr. Abdul Ghaffar, the backbone of Ghaffar and Sons, has been extending and applying his rich experience in international manpower management and placement to his brainchild for the last 26 years. Having served in Middle East for over 26 years in the field of Personnel Recruitment. He knows as esteemed professional in the field of manpower management. Mr. Abdul Ghaffar has travelled widely in Arab countries for making contacts as the very important part of this field.

He is still active and shares his experience with the Management of Abdul Ghaffar and Sons.


picture Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Ajab Khan, as the Chief Executive Officer of Abdul Ghaffar and Sons, he believes in having only the most experienced Manpower Recruitment Staff, technical experts and legal advisors. He also has association with reputed technical testing institutes to offer you the best possible Manpower Employment Services. Because of his effort our company is well-equipped and well-staffed in all respects. Mr. Ajab is serving for company for last 14 years.

Mr. Ajab khan has got an amazing personality and has own very professional attitude.


picture Managing Director

Mr. IrfanUllah Khan , has started his career as a Assistant Manager in Abdul Ghaffar and Sons but he played a very important part to grow company and emerged as an examples of other employees. Company has decided to give him charge as a Managing Director of Company. In 2005 company has awarded him top employee of the company. He is working with company since 2002 and have a bright future in this company.

Company has decided


picture Director Marketing Overseas

Mr. Adam Khan Mero, as Director Overseas Marketing, 11 years field experience for human resources and manpower recruiting capabilities for different countries like Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, U.A.E, Bahrain, Malaysia, Oman, Qatar, other gulf countries. He has been associated in the fields like industrial, commercial, socio economic income generation Infrastructure projects related oil field, Petro Chemicals Refineries, Power Plant, Cement Industries, Chemical Industries, Construction Projects Building, Roads, Water Dams.

Mr. Adam Khan has the capability to convey his message to anyone.


Engineer Sikander Khan
Technical Director and HR Consultant

Engineer Sikander Khan has over 36 years field experience. He has worked on Mega Projects approximate cost over 120 Million Dollars e.g. Hamad General Hospital Project in Doha Qatar, Yemeni Fish Project in Mukalla-Yemen, Sewage Treatment Plant - Capacity 140,000 Cubic Meter per day flow, for Industrial area of Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Madina Manawara Municipality Project for 10,000 workers staff housing which including all Electro-Mechanical facilities, STP Plant's and Water Treatment Plants, Power Project's. He has also worked with Qatar General Petroleum Corporation and member of Society of Piping Engineers and Designers. He has worked on Oil and Gas Projects.

As Project Manager he has completed the works of installation for Chillers upto 2000 Tons Capacity, HVAC Systems, Installation of single head Pumps 280KW x 12216 M3 Hour flow, Diesel Power Generators 2000KVA, 80MW Power house, Fire Fighting pipeline network, and many more International Projects.

All his work included design-work, installation, testing and commissioning of Plants and systems - included operation and maintenance of Electro-Mechanical systems.


picture Director Marketing

Mr. Muhammad Abid (Marketing Executive) is taking care of marketing related activities in our company. He is responsible for overseas marketing and based in Saudi Arabia. He is easy to go and full of energy person. He has showed tremendous improvement in last couple of years. He has 05 years experience marketing in different countries.

Mr. Muhammad Abid Khan has the capability to convey his message to anyone.


picture Recruitment Consultant

Waqas Mehmood, as Recruitment/ Marketing manager, Mr. Waqas has vast experience in customer relations and recruitment of almost 12 years. He has experience in different markets (domestic and International) and fields such as Banking (Citi Bank N.A, Habib Bank Limited), Consumer products, FMCG and constructions projects. He has done some projects as well i.e Sales Plan for Feroz Products etc and achieved great milestones in his career.

Waqas is incredibly smart. A true problem solver and critical thinker. If you want a modern day Einstein, look no further. He is dedicated, intellectual, flexible and hard working individual and has effective communication skills. We are really proud to have him in our team.

picture Senior Marketing Manager

Mr. Zia Ur Rehman Abbasi, is a esteemed asset of our company. He is serving the company since 2009 and has been very productive in getting client's attention for recruitment related issues. He markets our services in UAE corporate business sector.


picture Director Marketing (Overseas)

Mr. Altaf Hussein , as director marketing has almost 6 years experience in the Saudi territory. He is young, energetic and always willing to do things turn around. He is performing excellent to get the ghaffarsons to the next level. We hope best for him.